Which Posture are YOU?

It’s often said you only get one chance at a first impression, and that body language plays a huge role in how we are able to communicate with the people around us every day. Have you ever thought about what role your posture plays in that?

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered is your posture what it should be? Do you ever look in the mirror and look at how you are standing and wish you knew how you could change it for the long term?

Do you realise that your posture, may change the way that others see you?

5 signs of poor posture?

#1. Are your shoulders slumping  and your head to far forward?

Forward head posture is one of the common abnormal postures, and unfortunately it is becoming more common with a sedentary lifestyle.

#2 Have you noticed a hump/bump at the base of you neck?

You may have a dowager’s hump, also known as a hyperkyphosis in the upper back, this bump can be caused by long term poor posture, and is often more prominent due to slouching.

#3 Is one of your shoulders lower than the other

When you look in the mirror are your shoulders level? Often if they’re not you will notice ladies that your bra strap or singlet may slip off the lower shoulder. This posture can often be a result of carry weight repetitively on one side. Ie a bag, children, babies, one sided sport.

#4 Do you feel you carry more weight on one side than the other

Imagine that you have a plumbline from in between your feet straight up. The line should divide you in half. Often people shift their weight more onto one side due to a postural imbalance, like a pelvic tilt and or a scoliosis.

#5 When your pants get hemmed, does one side need to come up higher than the other?

Have you ever had a seamstress tell you have one leg shorter than the other? There are 2 types of “short” legs, you may have structural or permanent difference between your two legs, often this is caused if you have broken your leg as a child and your legs have grown at different rates. Or you may have what is known as a functional short leg, which means that you may have a postural imbalance that is giving that appearance. Common causes of a functional short leg is a pelvic tilt, a rotation of your pelvis or if you have a scoliosis.

So what should we look like…..

From the front we should be straight up and down, our shoulder should be level, as should our pelvis. If you had a plumbline is should divide you in to two equal halves.

From the side, the plumbline should from the side of your ankle, to where if you had jeans on where your front pocket ends on the side, to the mid point in your shoulder and through the hole in your ear.

If I’m not sure what to do next if I think I have poor posture and I want to change it?

Have your posture and spine checked by a Chiropractor who specialises in posture correction to find the underlying cause to your postural imbalance.

A program of care may be appropriate to help correct the underlying causes of your poor posture.

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See you again soon, Yours from health to happiness

Dr Maria…