How to BE happy!

One of the most common questions that people ask, is “How can I be happy”

It is the age old question and there are many different answers but here are

5 steps to start heading in the right direction.

#1 Love and Relaxation

With all the modern technology we have at our finger tips today, you would think we would have more spare time than ever for time for our Family, friends and relaxation. However many people are replacing interactions with other humans one on one with modern conveniences like the internet and social media. Make time everyday to speak to at least 10 different people.

#2 Rest Well

We all know that sleep is important. Most of us spend a third of our life asleep, so make it count. We do most of our healing and repairing when we are asleep. Try and get to bed at a regular time. Aim to have your room as dark as possible. Move as many electrical devices and chargers as possible to a room that you are not sleeping in. Keep your TV out of your bedroom.

#3 Keep Moving

Whilst for some the thought of exercise makes them far from happy, movement and exercise plays a key role in our happiness. Try and choose movement that you like. If you love going for walks, add that into your day, some enjoy swimming, you might love going to the gym. A great goal is to move for at least half an hour a day, everyday.

#4 Healthy Eating

Eating well is a key component in your health and happiness. Remember it all about making good, better and best choices as we discussed in the last blog.

#5 A healthy spine and nervous system

It can be hard to be at your happiest if your body is not functioning at its best. And a healthy spine and nervous system has been shown to play a role in your overall wellbeing. A great place to start is to have your spine checked by a Chiropractor to determine if it is working at its best.


Enjoy moving from good health to happiness….